MOUSE-E-MOTION Nutrition Monitor

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MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger

The manual for the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is now also available in a german language version.


The new version 2.3 of the MOUSE-E-MOTION Excel Add-In software is available for download. This version offers the possibiliy to…


The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is connected to a computer with the supplied serial interface cable. The MOUSE-E-MOTON Excel add-in provides the functionality to download the collected log data and to configure the data logger. For evaluation purposes, a Demo of the MOUSE-E-MOTON Excel add-in can be loaded to extensively test all of its functionality. There are also some original log data files included, providing examples of how log data collected with the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger look like.

Summary of features:

Ease of use provided by the MOUSE-E-MOTION toolbar and the MOUSE-E-MOTION menu

The MOUSE-E-MOTION Excel add-in offers a menu and/or a toolbar with specific commands within Excel:

Automatic detection of connected data loggers

The command ‘Detect’ automatically chooses the correct COM port a data logger is connected to. Alternatively, it can also be manually selected from the list of all available COM ports.

Automated log data downloads

The command ‘AutoDownload‘ allows the simple one-click download of the log data stored in a data logger to an Excel worksheet, according to settings selected under ‘Options…‘.

Detailed and clear presentation of downloaded log data

Optionally, details about the data logger and the log can be displayed additionally to the collected values and the data might be visualized in a chart.


Customized log data downloads

The command ‘Download…’ opens a dialog box that allows to modify every setting for each single log data download. With ‘Advanced…‘ additional parameters, e.g. merging several log record entries to one new record or calculating percentile values, can be adjusted.

Clear presentation of the properties and the configuration of a data logger device

The command ‘Logger…’ opens a dialog box that shows the properties and current configuration of a data logger. The configuration settings can be saved as a Logger Profile and applied again at a later time, either with the same data logger or to configure another device exactly the same way. If presently log data are stored in the data logger ‘Log Data Details…‘ can be viewed. Furthermore, the dialog boxes for starting a new logging task (button ‘Start logging…’ ) and for changing the configuration of the data logger (button ‘Configure…’). (Logging can only be started if presently no log data are stored in the data memory of the data logger, that is, if existing log data have been deleted before; this is why the button ‘Start logging…’ is disabled in the figure to the right.)

Easy changing of the configuration, multiple adjustment possibilities

The button ‘Configure…‘ on the ‘MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger’ dialog box opens the ‘Configure the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger‘ diaolog box where the configuration of a data logger can be changed:

  • The real time clock of the data logger can be synchronized with the system clock of a computer or with an internet time server or adjusted to any user-defined time.
  • The connection speed (Baud rate) of the serial interface of the data logger and the COM port of the computer can be changed.
  • A data logger can be given a user-defined alias name, for example for the better identification of a particular device.
  • The logging parameters can be adjusted:
    the potential Initial delay time which is the time passing between starting the device and the actual beginning of logging;
    the Record interval, that is, the time passing until a value is stored to the data memory;
    and the Interval granularity, that is, the period between two single sensor readings within one record interval (motion and light intensity sensors only).
  • The LEDs on the front of the data logger indicating if the battery charge is more than 25% and signalling each single motion detection during logging can be switched on or off.
  • Each of the sensors being available in a particular data logger can be activated or deactivated.
  • All settings together can also be loaded from a Logger Profile that has been saved before or they can be saved as a new Logger Profile.


Programmed start of logging, limited run time and preset end time selectable

Alternatively to starting logging by pressing the ‘START’ button of the data logger, logging can also be started through the dialog box ‘Start Logging’. Here, an actual beginning of logging at a later time can be set, a limited duration of logging can be specified or the end time of logging can be defined optionally.


Import of previously downloaded log data from saved log data files

The command ‘Import Log Data…‘ wopens a dialog box where previously downloaded log data saved in a log data file can be selected and imported into a worksheet again, for example with changed settings for data processing and visualization. The dialog box shows a brief overview of the properties of the log data in the selected file.
The MOUSE-E-MOTION Excel add-in includes some original log data files providing examples of how log data collected with the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger look like.