MOUSE-E-MOTION Nutrition Monitor

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MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger

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The new version 2.3 of the MOUSE-E-MOTION Excel Add-In software is available for download. This version offers the possibiliy to…

IEM Nutrition Monitor

The IEM Nutrition Monitor is a high precision scale for consumption measurement of food- and liquids of mice and rats and comparable rodents in individual enclosures/standard cages. Even smallest consumption is recorded at the very minute in high resolution. As a dual scale the Nutrition Monitor serves with two separate recording units. Each unit can be configured either for liquid or food consumption.
Additionally parameters like activity per defined time unit, temperature, humidity and lighting conditions can be gathered/recorded.
All data collected/recorded can be saved to a PC by means of the included IEM software. Multiple devices can be joined simple and clear in serial connection with a single cable to a single computer. Each device can be set up everywhere fast and flexible and is immediately “ready to record”. The device can be used easily and requires no maintenance. A calibration security check once every 3 years is recommended nevertheless.

Standard Cages

The IEM Nutrition Monitor fits all Euro-Standard cages. All non-Euro-Standard cages can be tightened by means of a specifically crafted cage covering. Prior ordering of multiple devices IEM offers fabrication of a test-cage-covering to a special rate. Patterns from former orders are immediately available.

Different configurations

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Stable and high resolution measurement and recording

Electronic measuring equipment

With the IEM Nutrition Monitor it is possible to record even slightest amounts of consumption at the time of consumption.
This offers recording of behavioral patterns of food/liquid consumption of the test animal.
Measurement/recording intervals range from a minimum of 30 seconds to a maximum of 60 minutes.
When used in combination with a PC, recording duration is unlimited. Depending on the type of storage medium values recorded can be saved almost limitless.
The high degree of fineness and precision of the electronic measuring equipment offers recordings in a range between 20mg to 100mg.
The IEM Nutrition Monitor can be equipped either with maximum weighing range of 450g using a resolution of 10mg or with a maximum weighing range of 900g using a resolution of 20mg.
In case a resolution of 10g is used (a hundredth gram) a consumption of 10 µg can be recorded.
A drop of water weights around 50mg. 30mg to 50mg of water is usually consumed by a mouse when drinking (session). The IEM Nutrition Monitor captures each session’s liquid weight change.

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The electronic measuring equipment records the signal from the sensor in extremely high resolution.
Compared to the measurement of distance the high recording resolution corresponds to a deviation of +/- 0,7mm (0,02756 inch) on a distance of 30 Kilometer (18,64 Miles).

Although the sensor signal is very small, it is stable nonetheless and not affected by fluctuations of ambience conditions like temperature change up to +/- 2 degree Celsius (+/- 35, 6 degree Fahrenheit).

The electronic measuring equipment is almost free of deterioration allowing recording for years and years without having to re-calibrate the device. More regarding the high tech electronic parts here.

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During food recording, the mouse crawls into the food chamber and is thus being

weighted. This is what caused the peak in the diagram. Food consumption is calculated by subtracting the food chamber weight prior usage with the chamber weight after usage (in the diagram prior and after the peak).

Here you can download a file with example data from the IEM Nutrition Monitor:


IEM Software and Ways of Operation

The IEM Nutrition Monitor can be operated in two ways:

  1. Usage with data logger.
    In this mode, the IEM Nutrition Monitor is supplied with power by an IEM data logger.
    So no power socket or another external power supply is needed.
    The IEM data logger can record activity per time unit, room temperature, room humidity and lighting conditions. In connection with the IEM Nutrition Monitor also consumption data (food / liquid) are recorded.
    After finishing the recording, the data gathered are exported into Excel by means of a MOUSE-E-MOTION add-In and presented both graphically and as raw data.
    With new data loggers, a recording performance between 7 and 10 days can be achieved; older loggers usually reach 3 to 5 days.
    Data cannot be accessed or copied during a recording session.
  2. 2. Usage linked with a computer
    In this mode, up to 32 IEM Nutrition Monitors can be interconnected and relayed to a computer by means of an USB adapter. The USB adapter ensures power supply of all monitors. All data recorded by the monitors are constantly saved on the hard disk of the computer.
    Data can be accessed, copied and verified during recording session.
    The IEM Nutrition Monitor can be optionally equipped with additional sensors for activity, temperature and humidity monitoring. Also relative lighting conditions can be monitored and thus help to control lighting in keeping of animals. This sensor (lighting recording) is always part of the IEM Nutrition Monitor.
    In case of usage of a RS232 adapter it is possible to control/start the monitors remotely, e.g. via a local network or via the Internet.
PC relay Data Logger relay
Consumption recording of Food and Liquid
additional data recording Test animal activity optional
Temperature optional optional
Humidity optional optional
Maximum of possibly connected IEM Nutrition Monitors 32 1
Power Supply Electrical outlet Accumulator via IEM Data Logger
Max. recording Unlimited (or until max. hard drive capacity is reached) 7 – 10 Days / Under ideal conditions
Availability of data During and after recording After recording
Software preconditions Nutrition Monitor PC Software Excel Add-in
Remote Control (LAN and via Internet)
Mutual Star


Additional animal and behavior Data:

With the IEM Nutrition Monitor additional data can be obtained/recorded. In the mode “Usage with a data logger” the Nutrition Monitor additionally records humidity, temperature and light intensity. The monitor itself records consumption weight differences as well as activity per time frame.
In the mode “PC connection” same data are recorded by the monitor itself.