MOUSE-E-MOTION Nutrition Monitor

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MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger

The manual for the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is now also available in a german language version.


The new version 2.3 of the MOUSE-E-MOTION Excel Add-In software is available for download. This version offers the possibiliy to…

MOUSE-E-MOTION – Universal Data Logger


The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is a handheld, easy-to-use, low cost device for recording and storing data of different sources (Patent DE 101 53 427 A 1). It is battery powered and thus can be used with high mobility.

The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger (view specifications) has originally been developed for activity monitoring of mice and other small laboratory animals, but it can also be used for many other purposes

The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is available with built-in sensors for activity (motion), temperature, relative humidity or light intensity, either alternatively or combined.

The devices can be upgraded with the sensors not included upon purchase at any time (see ‘Products & Prices‘).

kaefige Activity is monitored quantitatively as the overall motion of an object during a defined period of time. Thus, the logged values are a measure of the alteration in the spatial location of an animal, not of its actual coordinate position (Detailed description of the operation principle…). A short movie explains the principle of motion detection.

The motion detection is based upon the warmth radiation in the infrared range emitted by the animals. The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is equipped with a passive infrared sensor, which means that it does not emit infrared radiation to detect motion. Instead, the sensor operates by solely receiving infrared radiation emitted from moving bodies in the surrounding environment. The detection area of the infrared sensor has a rectangular shape, exactly fitting to the dimensions of a type 2 or type 2L mouse cage, respectively, if the accompanying mounting unit is used (see figures below). The plastic material of these cages is almost impermeable for infrared radiation, so that influence from outside of the cage, e.g. from neighbour cages or from persons moving near the cage, is prevented.


Detection range of the motion/infrared sensor:

rueckseite irda1 irda2
Detection zone of the
infrared sensor itself
Front view of cage type 2 with
mounting unit MH-T2 (height 15cm)
Side view of cage type 2L with
mounting unit MH-T2L (height 20cm)


An external motion sensor can also be cable-connected for special cases of application. This could be, for example, the use with an individually ventilated cage (IVC, see figure on the right and below). extsensor1


techndatenDepending on the sensor equipment of the utilized MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger the ambient parameters temperature and/or relative humidity (calibrated high precision sensors) and/or light intensity can also be logged (Detailed description of the operation principles…).

An additional channel allows for the recording of analog input from an external data source. The MOUSE-E-MOTIONUniversal Data Logger can also be used to log data from our drinking monitor module (2 channels, see right).

The MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger has an internal, battery-buffered real time clock. Each record is exactly related to a defined point of time. The clock can be adjusted to any date/time by the user. Data logging can be started immediately or at a later time and/or last for a limited recording span or end at a specified end time.




Up to 32,760 values can be stored in the internal memory. The record intervals, and for activity monitoring and light intensity measurement also the interval granularity of the record interval, are adjustable. The data memory is non-volatile and retains the data independently of power supply.
Limited only by the battery run-time, the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger is operating up to 6 months nonstop (with battery type Ni-MH, 2400mAh).

The collected data can be quickly and easily transfered to a computer by connecting the data logger with the interface cable and using the supplied Add-In for Microsoft Excel. The software also allows to configure the MOUSE-E-MOTION Universal Data Logger according to the user’s individual needs.